Covid-19 Deliveries

As many of you realise by now we can not let more than 2 people in the shop at any one time in order to help keep Social distancing .

For this reason we are offering free home deliveries of over £10.00 to ALL locals .

We have now decided to help even more by taking telephone orders , card payments can be taken over the phone for customers that can collect so that you don’t have to queue outside in the cold .

This will cut down on waiting times and queues ,also to help stop people worrying about coming into the shop .

We will bring it out to you if you write your name on a piece of paper and show it at the side window or from you car window .

Please remember we are taking fresh meat orders for following day .

Post office remains open 7.15 am till 6.45 pm Monday -Saturday apart from Wednesday when it closes 5pm .

Top ups for gas & electric available 7-7 every day.

Fresh bread, milk & eggs daily.
Fresh fruit & vegetables.
Wines & ciders etc

Plus much much more please ring for details
01452 676052

Please pass this message to people who are not able to access face book .